Kenny & Miranda | Fullerton Arboretum Wedding

Their venue fit their wedding perfectly. They chose the Fullerton Arboretum because of its serenity, which they wanted their guests to feel from the moment they walked into the ceremony. They chose to be married under an old tree, which is oh so romantic don’t you think? Kenny and Miranda knew their day was truly a celebration about them, but they chose to focus on their guests, greeting each one and making time to thank them for celebrating with them. Kenny and Miranda, I had so much fun getting to know you two. Thank you for letting me capture your day. I was so blessed to witness your love and to see the beginning of what will be a beautiful marriage.

One response to “Kenny & Miranda | Fullerton Arboretum Wedding

  1. Very nice coverage of this wedding and with realism. The girls green dresses are also beautiful. I don’t think I have ever seen that shade chosen before in my travels.

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