Justin & Cameron | Lemon Grove Wedding

When I met Cameron, I was so excited for her wedding. She was giddy to marry the man of her dreams. When she described her dream day, she told me she wanted to get married in the country and have a Georgia peach style wedding. I was ecstatic! For those of you that know me, you know I’m a country girl at heart. My husband and I both want to road trip to the south one day. My perfect day is sitting on the porch, listening to country music and drinking a glass of lemonade. Cameron’s day was just perfect. It was the weekend of the royal wedding and when her mom saw her all dolled up, she told her she looked like a princess and this was her royal wedding. (How sweet is that!)

Justin was in awe from the moment he saw his bride. Later he told me that she looked like she should be on a magazine. (and I totally agree!) Under the lemon trees, surrounded by friends and family, they committed to be together forever. And as the sun set and they danced their first dance, there was not a dry eye. You knew they meant every word in their vow. Their love is real, their love is genuine. It goes beyond being just a beautiful love story, it is real life.

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