Ben & Bri | Newport Beach Wedding

Ben and Bri are one of those couples that just perfectly fit. They dance to their own beat. I simply adore their love for one another.

They’re one of those couples that you know will grow old together.

Their day was perfect. And the look on Ben’s face as Bri walked down the aisle was picture perfect.

They danced the night away as if they were the only two in the room. It was truly their day.

So here’s to you: Ben and Bri.

Let your love grow as the days pass. Ben: remember to hold her hand every chance you get and Bri don’t forget to look at Ben with pure admiration.

Continue to date one another even after 5, 7, and 25 years and don’t forget to enjoy those little moments in life that make it well, beautiful.

And thank you Francis for second shooting with me. Your always a blast to work with.

One response to “Ben & Bri | Newport Beach Wedding

  1. AbiQ

    Ah! Such a cute couple and lovely photos!!

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