Marc & Brittany | Alamitos Bay Yacht Club Wedding

“Settle down with me

And I’ll be your safety

You’ll be my lady

I’ll hold you in my arms

And the feelings I forget

I’m in love now”

Chris & Kim | Newport Beach Wedding

Chris and Kim’s wedding was so much fun. Dan, my second-shooter and I kept on saying how relaxed everyone was. I loved that it was a celebration and one big party. Everyone was excited for them and their union. I love how there was such a history between the two, that they weren’t starting their lives together, they were continuing it. Their celebration wasn’t one to “start” their lives as one, but rather continue on the journey…

Just a taste…

“And I wanna remember this night

It’s just your love that keeps me alive

Just like all those pretty lights

Just like all those pretty lights in the sky”