I love hearing how couples met and what made them know they were meant to be. I especially love returning love and knowing in your heart that love is meant to be. Even if time or distance takes place, you know you are one another’s soul mate. Keith and Juliette are that couple. They’re love has stood and I am so excited for your future!

Just a taste…

“We’ll go home and lay down safe in the arms of love

And we’ll dance all night long on the edge of can’t get enough

And we’ll wake up in the morning like we always do

Drunk on the beautiful truth

Our love’s a 100 proof”

Just a taste…

“Cause every time I try and tell her how I feelĀ it comes out ‘I love you’ ”

James & Wendy | Engagement Session

She could not stop smiling the entire session and you could tell he simply adored her.

With every smile, every laugh, every kiss, they were getting closer to the day…

…The Day they say “I do”

“For You I sing I dance

Rejoice in this divine romance

Lift my heart and my hands

To show my love, to show my love”