Jon & Val | Downtown L.A. Engagement Session

Some couples are just in tune with each other. Not in the way where they finish each others sentences, but in a way where they both know what the other wants. They know what the other values and cherishes in life. Jon and Val are that couple. They both see family as important and know when they want to accomplish things in life. I love it when couples are so fine tuned with one another that you know you’ll make it. They have that perfect blend of love and intuition, which you know will last a lifetime.

Jeremiah & Kelly | Engagement Session

I know I say this all the time, but I truly adore the couples I get to photograph.

I adore their stories: how they met, the proposal, their wedding plans and the future they’re planning together.

Jeremiah and Kelly are no different. They met at work and secretly fell in love.

Not wanting to tell their co-workers or their boss, they would sneak around the office mouthing “olive juice”, which looked like “I love you”.

How sweet is that?