Jon & Val | Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding

One of my favorite aspects of a wedding is the ceremony. I love that moment when the groom sees his bride walk down the aisle. I love when the father of the bride takes his daughters hand and gives it to the groom. It’s a moment that I’m sure each dad wishes would last forever. I love seeing mothers wipe away tears as their children say “I do”. Jon and Val’s wedding was unique because they chose to make it about their love. I often wonder if couples ever take the time to make their wedding well about them. I wonder if they take a second to truly look at one another; to take in each moment as if no one was around. There will always be moments at a wedding where friends and family celebrate the bride and grooms love, but what about the bride and groom taking a moment just for themselves? Jon and Val chose to whisper their vows to one another. It was just the two of them, God and the Pastor that heard the promises spoken. It was a moment that I nor anyone witnessing their love will forget. A moment that they took for themselves to celebrate their love and their devotion, which is kind of telling of life and love. There will be times in life where it’s just the two of you. Times where you must remember what you promised not to the world, but solely to one another.

Just a taste…

“It’s your love that I adore

I’m lost in you, I’m lost in you

Like a smile or a song

I wanna be lost in you”

Jon & Val | Downtown L.A. Engagement Session

Some couples are just in tune with each other. Not in the way where they finish each others sentences, but in a way where they both know what the other wants. They know what the other values and cherishes in life. Jon and Val are that couple. They both see family as important and know when they want to accomplish things in life. I love it when couples are so fine tuned with one another that you know you’ll make it. They have that perfect blend of love and intuition, which you know will last a lifetime.