Luke and Kaity

They started off just friends their freshman year of college. Being apart of a full ride scholarship causes you to get to know someone very quickly. We all saw how Kaity looked at Luke, but it would take a year or two before she would realize that he was the One. Their love just makes sense. It’s a love like Carrie and Big. Where “moon river” means more to them than just another romantic song. It’s the symbol of their story. As they told me how he proposed, I was literally in awe. The story itself took twenty minutes. But I hung on every word. Luke explained every detail like it happened yesterday. Towards the end, he explained that he could have pulled out all the stops when popping the question, but he knew that wasn’t Kaity. He knew that it would mean more to her to have him propose where they first talked about their feelings for one another, where they first realized their friendship meant something more. He wanted her to tell their children and grandchildren the significance of where their romance first blossomed.

Luke and Kaity: thank you for letting me be apart of the journey. I wish you all the best in the world not because you need it, but because you truly deserve it. Thank you for reminding us the meaning of modern romance and what it truly means to be in love…













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