Just a taste…Buzz & Genelle

I adore these two.


Cody & Linda | Engagement Session

Neither of them were looking for love. Cody was planning to move to Nashville and Linda was on the fast track to finish school and start her career. A mutual friend introduced them, but they didn’t fall in love at first sight. Like many things in life, it took some time to cultivate. They spent a summer together, hanging out, getting to know each other, and then one day, it just clicked. They knew they would spend the rest of their lives together.

Cody and Linda is that couple that is simply better together. They love people whether they know them or not and they geniunely care about others, which I love. They’re vivacious and the moment you meet them, you want to be apart of their world. So on this Sunday, enjoy a big cup of coffee, curl up and enjoy this session.









It was Linda’s birthday, so we decided to throw her a party…