Joe & Karina | Chino Valley Wedding

I was only twelve when I first remember hearing about true love. ┬áMy youth pastor told me that true love occurs when you least expect it. It occurs when you’re traveling through life and the person you are meant to be with happens to be traveling right beside you. It’s the person you least expect to share coffee with is most likely the person you’ll end up with for the rest of your life.

Joe and Karina’s story reflects my youth pastor’s words. They grew up together in church. Attending Sunday school, youth group, Bible studies and even traveling across the world with one another on missions trips. But they neither of them expected they’d find love, especially someone they had practically known their whole life.

And then it happened. They were traveling through life and realized that they were on the same path for a reason. It was if their love was ordained at the right time and in the right place.

Joe and Karina: I simply adored your wedding. Every moment I was in awe. You’re ceremony was beautiful. The words promised not only reflected your love for one another, but your reverence towards God and the beauty of joining your two families together. Thank you for exemplifying what it means to have fun. To Laugh and to Dance. May you enjoy every moment together. And may you always remember that your love is an example to us all of what it means to love for life.

And special thanks to Francis Tan for second shooting with me!

Just a taste…

It’s a little blurry, a little grainy, but I LOVE it.