Alicia grew up going to Solana Beach during the summer with her family so she knew it would be the perfect location to take her engagement photos. I’m in awe of these two and how much they have accomplished in their short lives, but they choose to live life fearlessly. Perhaps this is why their love for one another is so infectious. Being with them is like a breathe of fresh air. I’m so excited for what’s to come for these to and their wedding in September.

Kenny & Miranda | Crystal Cove Engagement

They chose Crystal Cove to do their engagement session because they go here every Fourth of July to the Shake Shack before hanging with friends and family for the day. I love how they chose to take time to spend together: to make traditions together. That’s what makes life more colorful, more enjoyable. It’s a little bit of magic that causes love to continue to surprise us year after year. It’s what changes love from just being an emotion into being something we carry for a lifetime.