As I wrap up my last session before we move to Washington, my heart is full. I’ve been so blessed to be apart of so many amazing moments in people’s lives. I’ve been blessed to be apart of engagement sessions, to weddings, to maternity to family sessions time and time again. I’ve watched families grow from two people falling in love to having babies and watching them grow. As I pack box after box, all I can say is thank you. Thank you to all those families who took a chance on me to photograph your most intimate moments. I don’t take that honor lightly. I have been so blessed these past few years and look forward to returning to California this summer for these two lovebirds wedding. Here’s to new adventures and to building more memories.
















































I loved every minute of this wedding. From the girls getting ready to meeting the guys off location and driving down dirt roads, every moment was filled with emotion. I loved how emotional Leo was throughout the entire ceremony. I loved how simply elegant the details of this wedding were. Emma walked barefoot down the isle holding hands with her dad under Eucalyptus branches held by her bridesmaids. They said their vows in English and Portuguese and were surrounded by love ones who prayed over them at the end. I’m a firm believer in simple weddings and I’m so thankful I was apart of one so spectacular as theirs.
















I’ve loved getting to see this family grow throughout the years. I’m in awe of what Yadi and Lucas do for their family on a daily basis. They strive to make their lives better for their kids. I’m blessed to watch families like the Jameson’s grow and have fun in the process. Thank you for our night in LA it was such a fun seasonal night.












I met Marc & Jillian a few years ago when we did their engagement session. I also had the privilage of getting to photograph their wedding reception (their ceremony was in Hawaii) and had the pleasure of getting to meet their amazing family. I’m so blessed to call them my trainers and friends. You need people in your life that challenge you as well as laugh with you. Thank you both for being an encouragement to so many of us. You’re amazing people and it’s a joy to see you parent so well.














These two are simply amazing. I have no other words for them. They give their all day in and day out. They choose to love people at all times. They both have given their time, their money, their patience and their love to those deep in need. I’m in awe of their love for others and know they will be incredible parents because of this. Thank you both for another memorable time together. I don’t take for granted our sessions together.