Something Blue…

There are those days that you’re filled with inspiration.

This is one of those days.

I was on Etsy and am in love with their peacock inspired collection. This got me thinking…

If you’re craving color for your wedding, add some! Don’t be shy. Not everthing has to be stark white. Have some fun adding some jewels to your shoes or a sash to your dress or better yet, some peacock feathers to your vintage veil.

For the gentlemen, don’t be shy in stepping outside the box. Have your man in a grey or navy suit. And add a bow tie for something out of the ordinary.

There are no rules when it comes to color and adding something unique will not only make your pictures pop, but it will have all your guests “oohing and awwing” at your creativity.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, check out these fabulous sites below, and happy Thursday! or

What sets you apart…

So you’re looking at booking an engagement, maternity or just because shoot and your wondering what you should do? This post is to help you solve this issue and allow your pictures to tell your story. My goal is to tell your story. I want to know what sets you two apart. It may be your love for nature, the feeling of sand between your toes, or the Californian sun kissing your nose. If your the ultimate beach girl, then your session should be at the beach. I want you to be comfortable during your session, so we should shoot at the beach because that’s you, not because it’s what your friends are doing. Catch my drift? If you love coffee, then let’s shoot at a local coffee shop. If you love to travel, we’ll shoot near the train station or airport. Be creative in planning your session.

An Orange Grove at sunset

Pasadena City Hall

Local Coffee Shop in Newberg, Oregon

Another thing I cannot stress enough is the importance of accessories and what you choose to wear. If your the all-American couple, in jeans, converse shoes and a fedora hat, wear it proud. If you never go a day without wearing your rainbow flip flops, then by all means, wear them to the shoot. The most important thing is to represent yourself and your style as a couple. Accessories can make or break a picture. Be creative in this. It may be a pair of bight blue shoes, your favorite scarf or an umbrella. Heck even your bright red lips. I’ve attached some pictures to show you what I mean:



Finally, and ladies I cannot stress this enough, but make up is vital. If you’re the make up queen and are asked to do your friends make-up then by all means, do your own make-up. But I for one am not blessed in this category so I’ve learned to always get my make-up professionally done. Your session is an investment and getting your make up done should be apart of it. I’d even advise you to get fake eyelashes because it makes your eyes go from pretty to fabulous!