Buzz & Genelle | Portland Day After Session

I simply love these two.

I admire their undying love for one another.

I love the way Buzz still looks at Genelle after 10 years.

It’s like time hasn’t even passed.

And the way Genelle supports him even if that means moving to another state.

No  matter what life throws at them, they choose to face it together.

And isn’t that what makes the adventure fun?

Just a taste….

“Darling your love is healing

It makes the bitter sweet

Warms the winter to spring again

Secures the cold’s defeat”

Bryan & Celina | Palm Springs Day After

“Hold me closer, never let me go

I don’t want any other baby

Two is the one, two is the one

I was lonely, never had nobody

But now I’ve got double, baby

Two is the one, two is the one for me”

Heather | Bridal Day After

“Do you see beauty, do you see love

The world is changing but my love will remain

love, love, love

Love is what you keep

Love is what you need”

Just a taste…

“And it came upon me wave on wave

You’re the reason I’m still here

Am I the one you were sent to save

I’m just looking for a happy ending

All I’m looking for is you”