Marc & Brittany | Disneyland Engagement Session

I love couples who know how to laugh and have fun together. Life is too hard to not have fun with the one you’ll spend your life with. And what better place to have fun than Disneyland? It’s romantic, magical and yes, a ton of fun! So for all you Disney fans out there, I hope you enjoy this shoot!

Just a taste…

“Cause I wanna wrap you up

Wanna kiss your lips

I wanna make you feel wanted

And I wanna call you mine

Wanna hold your hand forever

Never let you forget it

I wanna make you feel wanted”

Glen & Allison | Villa Del Sol Wedding

I love weddings that are a celebration. A celebration of two people becoming one. A Celebration of two families coming together. A celebration of culture, happiness and pure joy that truly embodies the couple and their friends and family. Glen and Allison’s wedding was nothing short of that. It was a perfect celebration of their love for one another and for God that made their wedding truly unique. I must thank the ever amazing Amy Stone ¬†for second shooting with me! She is such a joy to work with and I hope you enjoy her and I’s collaboration of this perfect early summer wedding. Enjoy!







Just a taste…

“If I had a day that I could give you

I would give you a day just like today

And if I had a song that I could sing for you

I would sing a song to make you feel this way”

Miles & Alonna | Moreno Valley Wedding

I love seeing how a groom looks at his bride on their wedding day. You can see that their love is real when he attempts to hold back the tears, yet lets them fall anyways. It doesn’t matter if he’s seen her a thousand times, he sees her in a new light. He sees her as his bride.