Lucas & Yadira | One Year Session

“I’ve never been the kind ┬áto bear my heart and soul.

Yeah, I’ve always taken pride in staying in control.

I told myself I’d never fall too deep.

But girl you came along

And made a liar out of me.”

Chris & Desiree | Wolf Lakes Park Wedding

You know those girls that are so excited to get married? They don’t stress on what isn’t going right the day of, but instead have a bigger picture in mind. They focus on marrying the man of their dreams. Desiree was that bride. She was so happy to get married. I don’t know if I’ve seen a bride so happy to be married. She literally shrieked for joy moments after the “I do”. I cherish this couple and I know they are so blessed to have found love. I’m not the only one who sees that they are better together. Their wedding was truly a celebration of love and devotion and a reminder that God is behind it all. Chris and Desiree: I wholeheartedly agree with Michael that God is going to do incredible things through you two. You have already done so much together in your relationship and I’m so excited for what God has in store for you two. Love you both!

Just a taste…

“Wrap yourself around me

Cause I’m not the way you found me

I’ll never be the same

Cause you made my dreams come true”

Just a taste…

“I climbed across the mountain tops

Swam all across the ocean blue

I crossed all the lines and I broke all the rules

But baby I broke them all for you

I was made for you”

Scott & Liz | Castaway Golf Course Wedding

There are people in your life for a season and those that are there for a lifetime. We often assume that those who are there for a lifetime are more valuable or make a bigger impact on our lives, but sometimes that’s not the case. Sometimes there are friends in life that make such an impact that it defines you and shapes you into the person you are today. Liz is one of those people for me. She was that friend in high school that supported me and pushed me to be a better person. She was that friend that literally ran beside me encouraging me to not only finish, but finish strong. I was so honored to be apart of her and Scott’s wedding. It was one of the most memorable weddings I have ever photographed or even been to. Scott and Liz chose to have a friend tell their story during the ceremony, which made it all the more intimate. Whether you knew the bride or the groom, you left knowing both and why they chose to spend this life together. Scott, no one could have picked a more perfect person for Liz. You can see that glimmer in her eye when she sees you. I’m so glad she has found someone who makes her laugh.┬áScot and Liz: I wish you all the best in life, wherever it takes you. You two are fearless and are going to do amazing things together and congrats once again!

*Special Thanks to the oh so amazing Amy Stone. Check out her work here!