Morris & Cynthia | Crestmore Manor Wedding

I loved every minute of this wedding. It was a perfect blend of two cultures, two families and two people joining together. It’s easy to say that Morris & Cynthia love one another, but on that day, they chose to savor it. They didn’t worry about the details. They focused on their day, their friends and family and one another. It was a celebration of their love, their commitment and their lives together. It was a day which marked their future and I was oh so blessed to be apart of it.




Gabe & Anna | Chino Valley Wedding

Love is often found when someone least expects it.

It’s found when you aren’t looking for your soul mate.

Neither Gabe or Anna were looking for true love, when they found one another.

They had been friends in high school and 10 years later, they re-acquainted and saw their soul mate in one another.

On that Sunny afternoon in October, Gabe and Anna made that commitment in front of friends, family and God.

She could not stop beaming.

And he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

And why should he? He was marrying his Love. His partner. His soulmate.

Just a taste…

“As sure as I live, this love that I give

Is gonna be yours until the day that I die

I’m gonna love you forever and ever

Forever and ever amen”