Michael & Taylor | Desert Mountain Wedding

Michael and Taylor are like two old souls perfectly matched for one another.

They like the simple things in life.

Antiques, black and white movies, Frank Sinatra and taking a moment to dance.

Joined by family and friends, they committed to be one another’s partner for life.

Good or bad, sickness or health, they would stay by each others side.

On their day, they chose not to focus on the details or worry about what would or wouldn’t get done.

Instead, they focused on their love and took a moment to simply dance.



Connor & Jaime | Redlands Country Club Wedding

She could not stop smiling. He could not stop staring at her. She was his.

Not for the day, but for the rest of their lives.

In front of friends and family they made their sacred vows. They made a covenant between themselves and God.

“That no man should separate”

As the sun set, they danced their first dance as man and wife.

They were more than just two people in love;

On that day, they became one.

*Thanks again to Dan for second shooting with me! You make it that much more fun!

Dominic & Priscilla | Etiwanda Gardens Wedding

She was giddy with excitement.

Quietly anticipating her day.

She was calm and collected, but she could not stop smiling.

And why should she?

She was marrying the man of her dreams.

The day was simply perfect.

They didn’t fuss over the details, but instead they chose to breathe it all in.

And to focus merely on one another.

And why shouldn’t they? It was their day after all.



*Special thanks to “Dan the Man” for second shooting with me!