The moment that always brings me to tears…

Everyone has their favorite moment of a wedding. It could be the moment the bride walks down the aisle and the only person she’s looking at is the groom. It could be moment they vow to stay committed forever. Or the first kiss as husband and wife. Everyone has the moment that forces them to become a little teary-eyed.

My favorite moment of the wedding hands down is the father-daughter dance. Perhaps it’s because I have such a great relationship with my dad, but I truly adore this moment. It’s the symbolic passing of the bride becoming a woman, but for one last moment, it seems that she’s still “daddy’s little girl”. I love that fact that for a few minutes on such a special day, the bride and her father get to spend with no interruptions, just a moment to be well, father and daughter. I love the songs that are chosen for this moment. It may be a song they sang together while she grew up, or a song that’s she’s telling her dad it’s going to be ok. No matter what it is, it’s a song that may not make sense to anyone else but them.

Now that I have a daughter, I am anxiously awaiting the day that she gets to dance with her father on her wedding day. But until that day comes, I cherish every father-daughter dance I get to capture. With each wedding, I fight to hold back the tears. Other times I just let them pour. I feel so blessed and honored to capture my favorite moment time and time again. Trust me when I say, it never gets old.

Just a taste…

“Cause every time I try and tell her how I feelĀ it comes out ‘I love you’ ”

James & Wendy | Engagement Session

She could not stop smiling the entire session and you could tell he simply adored her.

With every smile, every laugh, every kiss, they were getting closer to the day…

…The Day they say “I do”

“For You I sing I dance

Rejoice in this divine romance

Lift my heart and my hands

To show my love, to show my love”