Connor & Jaime

Connor and Jaime are two people that you want to be around.

Their zest for life is simply contagious.

Their love is true. It runs deep. It’s what country songs are made of (and I mean this in a good way.)

I simply adore them and cannot wait for the day they say I do.

“We’ll end up hand in hand

Somewhere down on the sand

Just me and you…

…We’ll drive until the city lights

Dissolve into a country sky

Just me and you…”


Joe & Karina | Day After

I had the privilege of shooting their wedding last August. These two are incredible people individually and truly adore one another. I owe it all to Karina for finding this fabulous spot. So sit back and enjoy their day after shoot…


Going home again…

Attn: Portlanders.

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