Just a taste…

Walking through Griffith Park, and a couple in love makes for a perfect Sunday afternoon.

Jeff & Ashley | Engagement Session

They ran in separate circles in high school-only knowing each other by name.

Both claimed they were extremely shy, but little did they know that a few years later, they would become one another’s soul mates.

As they strolled the Claremont colleges telling me their story, their love became evident in the words they used for one another; the way they softly spoke to each other in between each picture.

It was if Jeff gently assured her of his love with each kiss.

And with each smile she gave, you could tell Ashley saw their love as something more than merely an emotion; it is beyond the moment.

It is meant for life.

Just a taste…Ashley and Jeff

The smokey January air and a couple in love. This makes my heart swoon.