Buzz & Genelle | The Olowalu Plantation House Wedding

It was a relationship that began 10 years ago.

Little did they know as high school sweethearts, Buzz and Genelle would carry one another through life’s twists and turns.

They say that you can usually tell that one person loves the other more, especially when they are first married.

But not these two. They genuinely adore one another equally.

So when it came time to plan their wedding, they knew they wanted to wed somewhere extravagant. So why not Maui?

As they walked down the aisle, hand in hand; two families rejoiced as they had finally become one. Under the Maui stars, they danced the night away finally as husband and wife.

Buzz and Genelle: Thank you for letting me into your lives. I cherish your friendship and cannot wait for what’s to come for you two in the years to come!







Just a taste…

A perfect end to a perfect wedding season…

Rob & Beth | Chino Hills Wedding

When I first met Beth I was blown away by her organization and theme for her wedding. She is what us photographers call a dream bride. She knew what she wanted and she wasn’t afraid to think outside the box. She showed me her wedding binder: full of laminated pictures of what she wanted her wedding to look like. From flowers to her shoes, she knew what she wanted. When I asked her what her inspiration was for her day, she showed me a photo of bright oriental flowers. It was as simple, yet beautiful as that.

Every detail was taken care of. I love the fact that she not only gave her bridesmaids bracelets, but a custom jewelery box as well. And she used color in her wedding. Lots and lots of color! Her veil was custom-made, which matched her dress perfectly. I actually got teary when I saw her dress. It was completely perfect. It was well, her.

I have told many of my brides about Beth because she did everything right. You don’t have to have a million dollar wedding, just a little creativity and some friends to help you make your day beautiful.

I love the fact that she chose such colorful shoes. A little pop of color can be the perfect touch to your ensemble.

Beth’s veil truly reflected the vintage look she was going for. When you’re going for a particular look, make sure your veil and dress reflect that time period. And the right feathers can add a little touch of the unexpected.

Isn’t she just gorgeous?

Dress from David’s Bridal

Rob chose to go with more of a casual look with a striped tie and suit and blue argyle socks, which is perfect for an outdoor wedding especially when the temperature is 108.

Beth gave me plenty of time before the ceremony to take pictures of her and her bridesmaids, her family and we even had time to take some shots of just her. Allowing extra time beforehand allows you to look your best for your pictures and you’re not rushing to get to your reception. Plus, you have time to enjoy the moment.

Have I mentioned how much I love outdoor weddings? They’re timeless and the natural light is ah-maz-ing! Just remember that the time of day you have your ceremony can make or break your day.

Most outdoor venues don’t have photography restrictions so that allows photographers the ability to capture the emotion of your ceremony.

You don’t have to have an even amount of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Photographers should make it work and it’s always an added bonus when your wedding party is fun and is willing to  be a little over the top.

See what I mean about color? Don’t be afraid to use it!

And my favorite of the day. I give all credit to Beth for this shot since she thought of it. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion on what poses you want. After all, it is your day.

And a special thanks to Francis Tan for second shooting with me. You always make things fun.



Michael & Casey | Christmas House Wedding

They had a whirlwind romance.

One that was a little old-fashioned, but in a good way.

When they met, they just knew.

They knew they would fall in love,

They knew they would walk down the aisle together as man and wife

And they knew they would grow old together.

The day was perfectly adorned with symbols representing the old and the new. The joining of two families and the celebration of what was to come.

Casey and Michael spent the day deeply in love, kissing as if it were their last.

It was truly their day.

And as they danced under the stars surrounded by family and friends, there was an unspoken understanding that this was the beginning of something beautiful.