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Just a taste…

The sun was setting, the wind gently blowing and Mike & Karen were completely caught in the moment.

Andrew & Jessica | Maternity Session

Jessica was refered to me through a mutual friend, Melody and right off the bat, I loved her. She was calm and collective and I had to refrain myself from getting too giddy about our shoot. I’ve come to love maternity sessions, not only because I’m pregnant, but because there’s something romantic about them. They symbolize a new chapter in life, where you get to signify your last time being just two and moving on to three. It’s that last stage in life where you take the time to enjoy the quietness, the serenity living in a moment.

Maternity sessions show a softer side to men as well. I love how careful husbands are with their wives when they’re pregnant. It’s a beautiful thing to see a man care for his expectant wife. Andrew was a true example of this. He’s a police officer, but during this session, he naturally took a fatherly role: making sure Jess was comfortable and at ease. There were times I fought back tears to see a man so tough, be so gentle with his wife.

So without further ado, here’s their session that took place in the sunny hills of San Dimas, California. Enjoy!

And my favorite of the day…

Just a taste…

It’s a little blurry, a little grainy, but I LOVE it.

Just a taste…

I promise I will be blogging full posts soon! Life has been a little crazy, but I’m determined to catch up. So for those of you anxiously waiting, fret not! Your pictures are coming soon and a thousand thanks for showing me grace.

And what’s a post without a picture?

I leave you with a taste of Ben and Bri’s wedding on Sunday.

Isn’t she simply gorgeous?