Our Desert Adventure…

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending my first WPPI convention, which is a convention for photographers. During the hustle and bustle of the convention floor, my friend Abi decided that we needed to do a shoot in the desert away from the lights of the strip to a place that seemed forsaken.

So Brooke, Richelle, Abi and I got into the car with the music blasting and our hair blowing in the wind, and headed towards the mountains to see if we could find the perfect spot. We stumbled upon tall jungle reeds which perfectly hid a broken down farm. It was a photographers dream: old farm equipment, a rusty old trailer and tucked behind the reeds in the middle of the desert was a pond. Yes, a pond!

I am so thankful I met these girls and I wish for the world they all lived closer. But oh what the trouble we would get into. So here’s a few shoots from our little adventure. I hope they bring a smile to your face as they did mine.

The Lovely Abi



The Sweet and Soultry Richelle




And the oh so Fabulous Brooke



Sean & Katie…

They spent years just being friends. Everyone that knew them, knew they, of all people, deserved someone special. But no one would of guessed that their perfect someone special was actually the guy sitting right next to Katie. Listening to Katie. And being her rock.

Katie is one who lives her life and refuses to allow anyone merly sit on the sidelines. She is truly comfortable in her own skin, which is what I love about her. Sean is one of those really quite souls. He is an amazing listener. He doesn’t talk alot but it’s in the way he watches her, adores her, that you know they are meant to be.

They had barley begun dating when Sean went to Thailand for a missions trip. A month after he returned, Katie went to Panama for five and a half months. Without telephones or computers, they waited in anticipation for the next letter to come. And in those six months they opened up to each other. They wrote their hearts on to pages on lined paper. and, they fell in love….

I had wanted to do a Dear John inspired shoot and so when I heard of their long distance romance, I knew I had to shoot them..










Happy Wednesday!