Luke and Kaity

They started off just friends their freshman year of college. Being apart of a full ride scholarship causes you to get to know someone very quickly. We all saw how Kaity looked at Luke, but it would take a year or two before she would realize that he was the One. Their love just makes sense. It’s a love like Carrie and Big. Where “moon river” means more to them than just another romantic song. It’s the symbol of their story. As they told me how he proposed, I was literally in awe. The story itself took twenty minutes. But I hung on every word. Luke explained every detail like it happened yesterday. Towards the end, he explained that he could have pulled out all the stops when popping the question, but he knew that wasn’t Kaity. He knew that it would mean more to her to have him propose where they first talked about their feelings for one another, where they first realized their friendship meant something more. He wanted her to tell their children and grandchildren the significance of where their romance first blossomed.

Luke and Kaity: thank you for letting me be apart of the journey. I wish you all the best in the world not because you need it, but because you truly deserve it. Thank you for reminding us the meaning of modern romance and what it truly means to be in love…













And my favorite of the day…

The Bucket List

It all started a few weeks before Christmas. My husband and I were driving to our gym and while we passed the local airport he randomly spouted, “You know, I’d like to earn my pilot’s license”. My jaw dropped. Immediately, I was trying to figure out how we could save enough money for this ambitious adventure.
So I asked him, “When do you want to do this?”
“Oh, sometime before I’m 50″. I had a sense of relief. I didn’t have to cut Starbucks out of our budget just yet.
That conversation got us to thinking about our bucket lists. When you’re young you have great ambitions: to get married, have a dream career and have 2 kids before the age of 30. But more often than not, our lives don’t pan out that way. But does the dreaming have to end? We began to share our checklists, which included traveling to our national monuments, seeing the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore and possibly owning some land in the middle of nowhere. But tucked behind these great adventures was something I was a little apprehensive to share until Christmas Eve.
As our living room was filled with the scent of apple cider and the ground was covered in wrapping paper, I waited for my present, having no clue as to what it was. My husband handed me his phone and told me to read the email. I scrolled down and then screamed. Yes, screamed with excitement! Yet, no one had a clue what I had received. They waited in wonder as I threw my arms around my husband and kissed him. He had just given me something on my bucket list and didn’t even know it.
Saturday night my husband and I traveled to the lucky city of Las Vegas to see Reba MacEntire and George Strait. I know, I know, it’s a little cheesy and I can just here my brother laughing at me right now, but seeing Reba in concert has been one of those things on that bucket list. As the lights came down and the crowd went wild, I cried, no sobbed. I was so excited to fulfill such a crazy dream. I was finally seeing such an amazing person live, less than 100 feet away. My fascination with Reba really has very little to do with her music. Don’t get me wrong, she’s A-maz-ing! But a few years ago, I was having a tough time in college, really missing my family and attempting to do some soul searching. One day while I was trapped in my dorm room attempting to do homework, I turned on Reba’s sitcom. For the rest of the year, it brought me comfort. It was a little piece of home to me. Seeing a family conquer their problems together brought me peace in knowing that no matter what, family sticks together.

Driving back from the weekend, I snapped this picture. It’s not mesmerizing, but it reminds me that the dreams on our bucket list, no matter how silly or simple they may be, are just beyond the horizon. So tell me, blog reader, what’s on your bucket list?


What sets you apart…

So you’re looking at booking an engagement, maternity or just because shoot and your wondering what you should do? This post is to help you solve this issue and allow your pictures to tell your story. My goal is to tell your story. I want to know what sets you two apart. It may be your love for nature, the feeling of sand between your toes, or the Californian sun kissing your nose. If your the ultimate beach girl, then your session should be at the beach. I want you to be comfortable during your session, so we should shoot at the beach because that’s you, not because it’s what your friends are doing. Catch my drift? If you love coffee, then let’s shoot at a local coffee shop. If you love to travel, we’ll shoot near the train station or airport. Be creative in planning your session.

An Orange Grove at sunset

Pasadena City Hall

Local Coffee Shop in Newberg, Oregon

Another thing I cannot stress enough is the importance of accessories and what you choose to wear. If your the all-American couple, in jeans, converse shoes and a fedora hat, wear it proud. If you never go a day without wearing your rainbow flip flops, then by all means, wear them to the shoot. The most important thing is to represent yourself and your style as a couple. Accessories can make or break a picture. Be creative in this. It may be a pair of bight blue shoes, your favorite scarf or an umbrella. Heck even your bright red lips. I’ve attached some pictures to show you what I mean:



Finally, and ladies I cannot stress this enough, but make up is vital. If you’re the make up queen and are asked to do your friends make-up then by all means, do your own make-up. But I for one am not blessed in this category so I’ve learned to always get my make-up professionally done. Your session is an investment and getting your make up done should be apart of it. I’d even advise you to get fake eyelashes because it makes your eyes go from pretty to fabulous!